AppKiDo 0.982 is out

I hurriedly posted download links on cocoa-dev three days ago. Today I updated the web site.

Release notes:

  • This is a bug-fix release, not the faster-loading version I promised earlier (that version will be 0.99).
  • Now that the iPhone NDA has been lifted, AppKiDo-for-iPhone is available. It is a separate app with a very slightly different icon. Also, the AppKiDo source code is again available. I don't think it contains anything all that secret, but I wanted to be on the safe side.
  • Added nil checks to prevent some of the crashes that were reported in 0.981.
  • Some docs weren't showing up — for example, NSIndexPath UIKit Additions and UITextField's delegate methods.
  • The "Classes with delegates" quicklist was missing classes that have a delegate property as opposed to an explicit setDelegate: method.
  • Fixed the Spaces bug where a new window would be created every time you switch to the space containing AppKiDo.
  • Known issue: a few deprecated methods show up in "Delegate Methods" section — for example, [NSData deserializeAlignedBytesLengthAtCursor:].

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