App idea: Apple bug reporter

This is Steve Gehrman's idea, not mine. From an interview with The Apple Blog:

TAB: How do you find Apple’s bug reporting system? Is it as effective and efficient as their end user products?

SG: It’s nothing special. It’s just a web form. It’s actually not that great as it’s not as easy as just sending an email. You can’t easily just paste in a screenshot for example. It’s also kind of slow and requires you to upload a system profiler report, and you have to fill in the OS X build number. I wish it was a client app that would just find that info on it’s own.

Me too. I bet it would make me more willing to submit bug reports — maybe even enjoy them the way I enjoy blog posting with MarsEdit.

Steve Gehrman is the author of the very highly regarded Path Finder.

2 thoughts on “App idea: Apple bug reporter

  1. There already is a client app that does this and much more: Radar. However, Apple won't let us have it. If you want access to it, file a bug. 😉

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