AppKiDo 0.983 works with Snow Leopard

Yeah, it would have been better to release this in time for folks to use it with Snow Leopard seeds.

  • Works with the Xcode 3.2 docs (i.e., Snow Leopard).
  • Added NSDate to the "Strings, data, collections" quicklist.
  • If you switch to a different app while AppKiDo is loading, you won't get AppKiDo windows popping up in front when it's done loading.
  • Changed to look for docs in the right place when the Dev Tools version is 2.5 and the Dev Tools directory is not /Developer.
  • Added a popup button in prefs so you can choose between iPhone SDKs if you have more than one installed.
  • Fixed bug where links to http: pages (like the sample code links in +stringWithString:) weren't going anywhere.
  • Fixed bug causing DOM classes to show up as root classes.
  • When you do a search, jumps to the first search result that has the search string as a prefix, if there is one.
  • Staggers placement of new windows.

UPDATE: Corrected the link for downloading the source.

3 thoughts on “AppKiDo 0.983 works with Snow Leopard

  1. It'd be cool if AppKiDo supported Sparkle, so you could push out new releases automatically.

    It might also help community participation if you put AppKiDo source up on a site like Google Code or GitHub.

  2. Yeah, Sparkle's on my list. Also, using an open-source host, which I've been meaning to get around to.

  3. Take a look at how Rentzsch has setup ClickToFlash on GitHub (ticketing via Lighthouse). It seems like a decent model for getting the community involved in a project and removing oneself as a bottleneck for updates.

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