MacBook Air: even the promo video is improved

Just watched the promotional video for the new MacBook Air. No offense to Jony Ive and Phil Schiller, but in previous videos I've found them kind of annoying. In the latest, they are more subdued and they're talking more like regular people instead of with the strained, scripted quality that used to bug me. I haven't seen enough of Bob Mansfield to know if he's sounding different too. I like it.

I like the emphasis on how much the new Air is informed by lessons they've learned from other devices. It often feels like certain other companies in the computer business are flailing. Apple is learning extremely valuable lessons and folding what they learn into each new generation of products.

Lately they've been talking about things they've actually tried instead of guessing what would work like the rest of us do. They tested the iPhone antenna; they experimented with a 7" tablet; and here Phil seems to imply they tried a touch-screen laptop before deciding against it.

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