I've bought MacHeist bundles before. Never again.

Shawn King posted this email he got from John Casasanta, the director of MacHeist:

Hey Shawn!

I'm trolling for MacHeist tweets and you seem to be obsessed with my dick and my manhood today for some reason. It's rather disturbing.

In any case, thanks for helping spread the word that Tweetie 2 is coming for the Mac (granted, to a tiny bunch of idiots who have the misfortune to follow a pathetic, washed-up moron like you, but hey, every drop counts)!

You should go back to live streaming one of your crying fits like the time your wife left you for someone else or maybe do another panhandling for an iPad thing. Those are some of your more entertaining schticks. Maybe then you can get more than a handful of people to tune into your petty little douche-cast.

What a jerk.

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