is great, except…

[UPDATE, 2012-05-18: The free videos have been moved to Vimeo. I've changed the links accordingly.]

I just enjoyed a talk by Dave Dribin called "Clean Code", over on Although I had heard a lot of Dave's advice before, sometimes in the context of other programming environments, it was good to hear it again well articulated and targeted to a Cocoa and iOS audience. The talk would have been terrific as a CocoaHeads presentation.

Some things I wholeheartedly agreed with:

  • write for people first, computers second
  • delegates > notifications > KVO
  • Boy Scout rule
  • keep methods small (something I strive for, but could do much better with)

The web site is pleasant to navigate and full of good content. I just started up a talk by Aaron Hillegass on "The Many Faces of Data Persistence", and I'm enjoying it so far. I can see myself buying a video one of these days.

That said, there is one thing about the site that bugs me. I'll explain in my next post…

[UPDATE: Three things: (1) I heard back from Scotty at iDeveloper TV, and he agrees with my gripe; he just hasn't had a chance to get to it. (2) Scotty also runs a podcast called iDeveloper Live that I've also been enjoying. (3) I finished watching Aaron's talk and it was great from beginning to end.]

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