Notes from CocoaHeads-NYC, Jan '11

Stuff I either remember or jotted down from last night's meeting, in no particular order.

Links Jon mentioned:

TOMORROW (Saturday): Electronics recycling at Tekserve. See also other dates and locations. I just noticed Tekserve is offering goodies if you come recycle:

Want another reason to come to our recycling events? How ’bout a chance to win a new MacBook Air ($999 value)? As a recycler, you’ll be able to enter the raffle. And that’s not all. You’ll also get:

  • A $25 discount on any Mac, iPad or iPod (except iPod shuffle)
  • Special savings on an eco-friendly 23" LCD monitor from Samsung
  • A coupon for our iconic, organic cotton “I Recycle NY” t-shirt, free with any purchase

The iPhone app Bob mentioned working on is at

Screencasts/audiocasts for developers, indie and otherwise:

  • — Cocoa-oriented stuff. Check out the free section and the sample chapters of the non-free offerings. Very professionally done.
  • 5by5 — Lots of series to choose from. I recently discovered The Dev Show. Even if you don't have time to listen/watch, the show notes have lots of interesting links.
  • PeepCode — A good diversity of stuff, including Cocoa and iPhone sections. I bought one of their videos once, but I don't remember the topic.
  • I didn't mention this last night, but Daniel co-hosts a semi-regular (?) podcast called Core Intuition.

Accessorizer, Kevin Callahan's utility for reducing repetitive typing in Xcode.

MarkdownLive — Shows a live HTML preview while you edit a Markdown file. A couple of people have forked this project (including me), but I don't know of anyone making significant enhancements.

WebKit Plug-in Programming Topics — What I showed was a WebKit-based plug-in as opposed to a Netscape-style plugin.

Quick Look Programming Guide — Note to self: Quick Look thumbnails are very different from Quick Look previews.

XcodeSFF — Xcode plug-in that brings back the traditional Find panel. Someone sent me this GitHub link, which is a fork of the main project. I haven't tried either version yet, but will soon. [Update: It works.]

Someone mentioned a trackpad gesture for switching between your .h and .m in Xcode? I couldn't find it.

[Update: I've been informed that the trackpad gesture is to swipe up with three fingers. Works great, but it requires selecting "Swipe to Navigate" in System Preferences, and I prefer using three fingers to drag. So for now I'll stick with the keyboard shortcut, which is Command-Option-Up.]

Paul mentioned that Control-Tab lets you switch between panes if you split your source code view. I'm finding that it actually cycles through a bunch of views in the Xcode window, not just the split panes. Shift-Control-Tab tabs backwards.

Ed strongly encouraged us to report bugs and complaints about Xcode:

Pizza etiquette: if you are still working on a slice of pizza, do not, as I did, try to get dibs on a second slice.

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