Reactions to the iPad 2 announcement

I just saw the iPad 2 announcement via the "Apple Keynotes" podcast feed in iTunes.

General reactions:

  • Great to see Steve.
  • The speed and cameras on the iPad 2 make it tempting. I suspect the thinness and the tapered edge will make it feel even lighter than it is.
  • In the Apple tradition, they announced a product that's actually scheduled to ship. Soon.
  • I'm not sold on the Smart Cover, but I'll withhold final judgment until I fiddle with one.
  • Best part of the iPad promotional video: the mother of the autistic boy. (I mean the general iPad video Steve showed at the beginning, not the one near the end about the iPad 2.)
  • The Photo Booth demo was kind of painful. I've never heard of anyone having "hours" of fun with Photo Booth.
  • Curious whether we'll be seeing more of Michael Tchao (Vice President, iPad Product Marketing).

To me, the GarageBand demo came pretty close to stealing the show from the iPad 2. It was the best showcase ever for the technologies available on the platform. I can't wait to play with it.

About apps like iMovie and GarageBand, Steve said this:

We like to do applications because it gives us feedback, you know, for what it's like to be an app developer so we can make the system better and better and better for all developers. But also, it can set the bar. It gives third-party developers something to say "Wow, if Apple can do that, I can certainly do better!"

I think it challenges not only iOS developers, but also developers on other platforms.

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