Cantilever Laptop Stand

I'm really liking this laptop stand. It's a bamboo cutting board clamped to a bamboo file sorter. Looks nice, very sturdy, and I can either sit or stand.

When I'm sitting, this arrangement allows me to bring the screen closer to me than, say, if I rested the laptop on a stack of books. This helps me avoid the habit I have of leaning forward to peer at the screen, which has caused me lots of neck and shoulder pain over the years.

The screen is at just the right height for me but might have to be higher for someone taller.

Assembly involved no measuring, no cutting, no drilling, and no skills. Also no cost, since it's made from things I already had.

I should make this into a kit and sell it at 100% markup. I'd call it "The Diveboard", and I'd make up a bogus story about months of research into design, ergonomics, and sustainable materials.

laptop stand

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