Ten Cocoa words, plus two

At the last CocoaHeads I gave a talk about "The Top Ten Cocoa Words That Sound Dirty But Aren't". Ben Haller's web site has been the home for this list since 2003. I thought now would be a good time to give the list another home, so here it is:

  1. increaseLengthBy:
  2. insertBacktab:
  3. autorelease
  4. yank:
  5. stroke
  6. member:
  7. NSRectFill
  8. NSInsertionPosition
  9. toolTip

And the #1 Cocoa word that sounds dirty but isn't:

  1. knobThickness

Note that on Ben's site "stroke" is misspelled as "stroke:" — my fault for emailing it that way.

I added two bonus words:

  • touchUpInside (iOS only)
  • NSStopTouchingMeBox (a private class)

One of the stated goals of my talk was to beat this old joke to death. Having gone over the list many times in the last few days, I feel that I accomplished that goal at least for myself. However, this doesn't stop me from reposting two other jokes of mine that Ben posted:

Q: Where do IB users do all their shopping?
A: Target outlets.

Q: Why can't Cocoa programmers win presidential elections?
A: They don't retain their delegates.

Thanks folks, and please tip your waiter.

[UPDATE: I've posted source code for the demo app I used. The README contains links to Apple docs and further reading.]

4 thoughts on “Ten Cocoa words, plus two

  1. Too funny. Reminds me of my latest ipad app I made for my daughter, a virtual dollhouse. Called the app Finger House.

    And my buddy's dad blog, called Dad Junk.

    And then there's that classic Mac program to let your nine month old wail away at the keyboard, Baby Banger.

  2. @David:


    Hope you're doing well!

    Ben Haller came across another good one: "R has a built-in function that wins the prize: cumsum()".

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