Quick Thoughts on the Apple Glucose Monitor Rumors

Last year when I switched to a low-carb diet I wished I had something like Instruments for my body, where I could observe changes in various parameters throughout the day. Later I learned that's basically what a continuous glucose monitor is. It's like an Instrument that measures one parameter — blood glucose — and lets you graph it over time. To use one, you need a prescription for it, you need have to have it embedded under your skin, and it has to be replaced every so often. Kind of a hassle, not something I feel like doing.

There are rumors that Apple has secretly been developing a non-invasive CGM. It would be amazing and an absolute game-changer if this is true and Apple has it working well enough to be useful, i.e., accurate enough to inform day-to-day decisions about diet and medication. This would mean they've solved technical challenges that other companies have been trying to solve for years — which is not impossible, but I'm not going to hold my breath or jump to any conclusions. I'm just going to wait and see.

If Apple plans to attack the world's diabetes problem, I wonder if a more likely scenario is that they'll announce a partnership with Virta. Purely fanciful speculation on my part, in the fine tradition of pre-WWDC baseless rumor-mongering. I make the connection in my mind because Virta takes a technology-based approach, because it is an ambitious startup that aspires to attack diabetes at scale, and because Peter Attia, an advisor to Virta, is an obsessive self-measurer and wears a CGM even though he is not diabetic.

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